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Fashionably Fit with Jeimy

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Today, I'm featuring Fitness Instructor Jeimy Canosa. She's a Dominican fitness BEAST. I met her through the Zumba world about two years ago and since then she has inspired me in more ways than one. She has amazing style filled with confidence, Latina flavor, and SEXY. Check out this interview I did with her and feel free to ask any questions or add any comments about her outfit, answers, or experience. I hope you liked this post and find Jeimy as inspiring as I do in fashion and in fitness!

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Q: Tell me about your fitness journey. When and why did you get into fitness? 

A: "My journey as a fitness lover has always been instilled in me. I have been dancing since I was three and I graduated as a Physical Therapist in 2003. When I came to the USA, I started to take MMA and trained for 3 to 4 years. Then, I went back to my dancing roots taking Zumba classes. I absolutely fell in love with the program and started to teach two years later. I love every part of the fitness world and became certified in spinning, TRX, inside out Barre and weight training. From then on, I continued my endeavors not only treating patients but also learning other forms of training outside of the clinical setting. There are many reasons as to why I love fitness. It is a way to release stress, to enjoy a great workout with music, to improve your health, and overall to be happy."

Q: What type of classes do you teach and how many hours a week do you stay active?

A: "As of right now I am teaching Zumba fitness and Cycle sculpt for a total of 10 classes a week. I have been practicing my TRX as well as barre method classes. I also do weight training for myself three times per week. Usually, I am staying active for about 13 hours a week."

Q: How do you stay motivated daily?

A: "I stay motivated through music and by motivating others to become a better version of themselves.  There's always room for improvement not only physically but as well as spiritually and mentally."

Q: What's your favorite workout routine?

A: "My favorite workout that's tough! I love them all but I have to say that one of my favorite days is one Zumba fitness class followed by one cycle sculpt class followed by one killer TRX workout."

Q: What's your favorite place to shop for activewear?

A: "I shop many places for activewear. La Bella mafia, Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, Zumba wear, Look Good Feel Gorgeous, and I also love to shop at the gyms I work for."

Q: What's your favorite Zumba song to teach?

A: "As of right now, Monster Winer by Lil Rick I love it!"

Q: Do you think being dressed in clothes you feel good in while working out is crucial to the type of workout you will have ?

A: "I believe clothing is a big influence on how confident you will feel working out! It has to be comfortable, you have to feel good in it, and it serves as a great motivation to see your improvement over the course of time."

Q: What's one word to describe your fashion fitness style?  

A: "sexy!"

Q: What types of clothes do you like to wear to make you have an awesome workout?

A: "Leggings, long capris, or shorts and sports bra. I love them all and they are my absolute favorite pieces to work out in!" 

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration in fitness and in life?

A: "In life, my biggest inspiration is hands down my father! He taught me that through discipline,  hard work, dedication, perseverance, and passion that sky is the limit. I am working my best to do the same!

In fitness, my biggest inspiration is Tony Horton from P90X extreme home program he pushes my limits from P90X classic, P90X 2, and now P90X 3. I see results, I feel the results, and I can definitely say he has influenced all my other forms of exercise and my other teaching disciplines."

Thank you Jeimy Canosa for letting me feature your sexy style and road to fitness!

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