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Q&A with Co-Founders of Ampere Lingerie

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I'm a lingerie enthusiast. I could read about lingerie, talk about lingerie, stare at lingerie, learn about lingerie, and shop lingerie for days. My ultimate dream is to create my own lingerie brand and company. Not only do I want to deliver a brand that makes you feel sexy and comfortable, I want to also give back an essential need to the world. I'm still researching, learning, and discovering what value I want to give my brand. I want to be sure I find the perfect fit for what I'm looking for and what I'm really passionate about.

When I came across this new lingerie start up in NYC called Ampere I felt captivated and wanted to know more right away. I love to hear about start-up companies and their journey of how they got to where they are today. Founders Yun Ah Lee and Jiabei Chen believe that lingerie has the power to make a woman feel beautiful and confident.” I definitely agree and can remember how much my own confidence changed the day I began wearing lingerie. My own obsession of lingerie specifically, is underwear. I love intricate underwear made with different complex materials. I'm a strong believer in wearing something special every day and that's just me. To me, there is a large connection with women and the way we feel in our lingerie. If you don't feel good in what you are wearing you most likely aren't going to be setting yourself up for a very good day either. That's no fun and it's unnecessary. Get yourself something that makes you feel special and spice up your life. Life's too short to feel anything but your absolute best! 

One of my favorite lingerie blogs called, The Lingerie Addict featured Ampere on their blog a few weeks ago and spread her love for their lingerie. She asked both Yun Ah and Jiabei about their personal favorites in the collection. "Yun Ah is a big fan of the Lily strapless bra because it is comfortable, beautiful, and fits well. “It is so difficult to find an elegant and practical strapless bra. I love that our strapless bra does not slide and has a hint of lace detail.” "For Jiabei, the Gramercy bra wins! It’s the perfect bra to wear underneath every garment. It’s beautiful and luxurious but lays flat so it can be paired with any top or dress." “I love when my Gramercy bra peeks out a little, because its sexy and the eyelash lace gives it the perfect touch of glamour.” -Yun Ah, Jiabei (The Lingerie Addict) read full article here  

I had the pleasure of being able to ask a few questions myself to Yun Ah Lee and Jiabei Chen, the Co-founders of Ampere and I'm so glad that I did! 

Check it out and comment here on the blog if you have any questions yourself ; )

Q: When was the first time you knew you wanted to create a lingerie brand?

A: Lingerie is a daily necessity yet a constant source of frustration for most women. We were disappointed by both the product and the experience of shopping for lingerie. Jiabei had a difficult time finding something she loved in her size and Yun Ah hated being fitted by a complete stranger in a public space.

We were inspired to create a lingerie company that is a luxurious experience from start to finish because we believe lingerie has the power to make a woman feel beautiful and confident. Ampere’s lingerie is made from the best materials, designed to flatter a woman's figure and is comfortable enough to wear every day. To Ampere, that's the definition of luxury.

Q:How did the both of you begin this journey together? 
Take me to the beginning.

A: We have been friends for over 10 years. We were both working in the corporate world. Jiabei was a lawyer and Yun Ah was a private equity investor. We dreamed about striking it out on our own and in 2012, we did just that by starting Ampere.

Q: What is your inspiration for Collection 1 and 2?

A: Ampere’s first and second collection were inspired by New York where the company is based. We wanted to create something that was elegant and edgy, yet practical for everyday wear. We felt that focusing on these three things would be a true representation of New York.

We worked tirelessly to find the perfect materials for our lingerie. We use the most hiqh quality, luxurious materials when manufacturing the products, including American made Leaver’s lace and 100% silk. The details in many of the pieces are done by hand and some items are manufactured in New York.

Q: How do you come up with your designs? I love the classy look of Ampere lingerie. 

A: Designing Ampere lingerie is an extensive, yet very fun, process. We take care to pick the silhouette and colors that we know women wear every day. We pair that with exquisite fabrics and excellent construction. Then we iterate over and over again until it's just perfect.

Q: Can you let me in on a secret, what's next for Ampere lingerie?

A: We would love to expand our product line by offering more designs, colors, and styles. We wanted to focus on breadth of sizes, quality and fit for our first two collections, but now that we have mastered these things we are ready to expand into a broader range of designs. We also want to grow our international presence. We currently offer international shipping and would love for Ampere to become a worldwide brand.

Q: Do you have any advice for girls who want to create their own brand? What's your biggest challenge?

A: Our best advice is to just dive in and start! Your brand should be true to who you are. You will be talking about it every single day and being able to speak about it with passion will inspire everyone around you. Starting your own company comes with many challenges but it's nothing that you cannot overcome!

I had so much fun talking with the creators of Ampere! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and enjoyed my post on Ampere lingerie, check out their website and learn more about their lingerie here !

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All photos courtesy of Ampere

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